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Medical Advisory Board

Maintaining the highest standard in clinical governance

Function of the Medical Advisory Board

The Eyezon Kidz Medical Advisory Board was established to provide clinical governance of the Eyezon Kidz course content to ensure alignment with current first aid standards, guidelines and codes of practice.

The Eyezon Kidz Medical Advisory Board is involved with the ongoing professional development of our staff, ensuring our course participants receive first aid training of the highest standard.

Eyezon Kidz is fortunate to have a board of directors with a diverse range of experienced and qualified medical & emergency response professionals, who work closely with our CEO/Founder and staff to continually improve Eyezon Kidz services.


Board Members

Wade Bloffwich
Non-Executive Director

Wade is a qualified paramedic specialising in the provision of best practice out-of-hospital health care in remote and metropolitan environments. As a passionate health care leader, Wade provides expertise in increasing clinical capability, efficiency and staff training and development of health care services.

Wade is currently deployed to an Aboriginal Health Service in remote Western Australia providing clinical improvement services to accident and emergency services within the region.


Natalie Hodson
Non-Executive Director

Natalie has 11 years of paediatric nursing experience, with service as a Clinical Nurse Manager at Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth, WA and John Hunter Children’s Hospital in Newcastle, NSW. Natalie is currently Associate Nurse Unit Manager for Paediatrics at Epworth Healthcare in Melbourne.




Stuart Jenner
Non-Executive Director

Stuart is an experienced first aid and emergency management trainer with over 17 years’ experience in Australia and overseas. Stuart has previously created nationally award winning Baby & Child First Aid courses, as well as leading the design, development and implementation of several baby & child and other advanced first aid & emergency response training programmes in private and public companies and community organisations.